Who are we?

Honestly, who cares! Right?

So in an effort to keep things short and interesting, here is all you need to know about us…

  • We are five young health minded folks who care about your health as much as we care about ours.
  • All of us have been vegetarian at some point of time and hence we all understand the moral and social challenges involved in eating a diet rich in animal products.
  • None of us have any kind of professional cooking experience and the recipes you see on here are stuff we that we cook and eat on any weekday evening.
  • In addition to having day jobs and pretty hectic social lives, two of us write pretty awesome fitness blogs (here and here), one of us is a mom of two and an uber blogger with multiple blogs and the other two of us are founders of a spanking new apparel brand! If we can make the time and effort to eat healthy food and stay in shape, so can you!
  • We make sure we eat high quality, delicious and nutritious foods every single day.
  • We spend money on quality food but don’t break the bank.
  • We spend time cooking but try not to get divorced.
  • We all realize that Oreo cookies are freakin’ awesome and ice cream cures cancer and so indulge without regret every once in a while!

So join us in eating real and living for real!

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  • Parulsharma1503
    April 26, 2011

    Awesome job, guys. Love it.

    • Raj
      April 26, 2011

      thank you Parul!

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